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MotoBag Spare Parts

€ 9.99

! If you have just ordered your first set of MotoBags please note that your MotoBags will arrive with black straps pre-installed. No need to purchase them separately.   Please order 2 for a set of MotoBags ( 2 x 2 straps ). 1 is enough for 1 MotoBag only ( 1 x 2 straps ).   If you wish...

€ 9.00

MotoBag lock Black Red Orange  Blue

€ 148.00

Hypalon outer bag replacement. Not complete bag Please select size from options: 31 38 45

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€ 14.00

Part fits both corners of the MotoBag. Includes hardware Black Rubber

€ 85.00

Waterproof inner bag for the Lone Rider MotoBags. Please select correct size for your MotoBag. There are three sizes, 31L, 38L, and 45L inner bags. 

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€ 20.00

Rack Connection Puck set (for 1 MotoBag). 4 PUCKS + SCREWS. For MTB31 or MTB38 Contents: x4 Puck  x4 Puck Washer x8 M6*40 Bolt x8 M6 Locknut x8 M6 Hexnut x8 M8*20*1.5 Washers x8 M6 Spring Washers    

€ 14.00

Inner PU board replacement. Please select size from options: 31 38 45

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€ 15.00

Adapter set for offset rack (for 1 MotoBag) 2 Adapters + Screws Offset kit for MTB31 or MTB38 Contents: x2 L Shaped Adapter x4 M6 L16 Bolt x4 M6 Locknut X4 M8*20*1.5

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€ 49.00

Black aluminum powder coated

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€ 35.00

Comes with screws and hardware

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€ 5.00

One needed per MotoBag 

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€ 3.50

Two needed per MotoBag